Renuvion powered by J-Plasma® in Glendale, Az

What is Renuvion powered by J-Plasma® Skin Resurfacing?

Advanced Image Med Spa and Dr Jennessa Iannitelli are excited to announce the addition of Renuvion powered by J-Plasma® to our arsenal of minimally non-invasive tools in Glendale to rejuvenate your skin! Renuvion's J-Plasma® skin resurfacing is one of the most advanced resurfacing procedures available. This minimally invasive outpatient procedure utilizes a wand that spreads cold plasma energy (ionized energy) over the skin. You may have seen plasma energy in things like lightening or neon signs. As the plasma touches the skin, it dissolves the upper layers but does not harm the deeper layers of the skin. The skin peels leaving a fresh layer of skin exposed underneath it. This deeper skin is tighter, fresher, younger skin. The Renuvion J-Plasma® process also stimulates collagen production to enhance healing. It can replace a facelift for some patients and in addition to tightening the skin has the additional benefits of getting rid of uneven skin color (sun or age spots), reducing pore size, and generally revamping the texture of the skin giving it a smooth glowing appearance.

What Can I Expect After My J-Plasma® Treatment?

Patients can expect to have some redness and slight swelling immediately following the treatment. The swelling diminishes in a few days to a week while the redness may linger for a couple of weeks to months before fading. We also use red light treatments to help speed the healing process as well as offering medical grade make up for full coverage. Your healing time and aftercare will depend on the depth and focus of your treatment. Once the redness fades, the results become much more visible and reveal a younger, more radiant appearance.

Benefits of J-Plasma® Resurfacing

  • Tightens and smooths skin
  • Safe to use around the eyes, lips and cheeks
  • Diminishes freckles, age spots, and uneven coloring
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and skin discoloration

Renuvion powered by J-Plasma® For Subdermal SkinTightening

This minimally-invasive procedure is providing an excellent and much more effective alternative to other skin tightening treatments for the face, chin, neck and most other parts of the body.

Used subdermally (under the skin), Renuvion powered by J-Plasma® is a pure tightening agent. Helium gas, coupled with electrical energy, is applied, allowing for a very controlled delivery of “cool plasma”. Dr Iannitelli can literally watch the skin tighten as she performs the procedure. This is done outpatient under local anesthetic. Oral medication and other techniques to reduce discomfort are used, in addition to numbing the area of treatment (face, neck, abdomen, etc.). Patients will have post treatment tightness and some generalized discomfort. Patients will wear a compression garment to help with healing for about 4-6 weeks for optimal results. Renuvion provides a solution that is unique and more advanced than traditional methods, but not nearly as invasive. This means less overall risk, post treatment discomfort, and downtime. Your J-Plasma® tightening treatment can also be combined with High Definition Liposuction for even more dramatic results.

How Much Will My J-Plasma® Treatment Cost?

The cost of J-Plasma® varies with each patient as it depends on the extent of the area to be treated, the number of treatments needed, and whether it is combined with other treatments. The average patient usually needs 1-2 treatments which will last 3-5 years as natural aging occurs. You can com-pare this to older technologies requiring 3-6 treatments with continuous touch ups every 6 months to a year. Dr. Iannitelli will discuss all aspects of the Renuvion powered by J-Plasma® treatment with you during your complimentary consultation.

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