Permanently Destroy Your Stubborn Fat Cells


Do you have those small areas of fat that drive you crazy? An area that hangs over your pants or pooches at just the wrong place and ruins your “look”. A bulge that just doesn’t belong on your body and no amount of exercise will get rid of it? BodySculp could be your solution. Quick, easy, with no downtime. The BodySculp body-contouring device’s four diode laser applicators deliver energy that targets body fat while avoiding harm to the skin and surrounding tissue. The laser energy penetrates into the deepest and thickest layer of the skin, permanently destroying the fat cell. The targeted fat cells are then flushed out by the lymphatic system. BodySculp’s fat reduction procedure is safe and effective.

BodySculp Before and After - 1
BodySculp Before and After - 5
BodySculp Before and After - Male

When Will You See Results

You will start seeing results in as little as two to six weeks and you will see full results in three months.

BodySculp Benefits

  • Targeted fat reduction and body sculpting
  • Quick – sessions are only 25 minutes
  • No Downtime
  • FDA approved

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