Looking fresh and perfect all the time seems to be a pipedream to most. Having this “perfect” appearance is made possible by permanent makeup, which means you can do your everyday task (including sweating excessively) without damaging your makeup. You can work all day and party all night without worrying about your lipstick fading or your eyeliner running. However, is going with permanent makeup a wise choice?

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is considered as a form of micropigmentation, wherein dyes or pigments are implanted into the first dermis layer of the skin. This is commonly used on the lips, brows, and lash lines. It is performed after applying anesthetic to the area. Touchups are commonly required after a month from the time of the initial procedure, and followed by three months later. Since the effects of permanent makeup depends upon the person, the fading varies from person to person, although in some cases there are people whose permanent makeup still look great 20 years later, and those who need a touchup a year later.

The results of permanent makeup are supposed to be subtle, as if the person who has it just looks that way naturally. For this reason, some women opt to have pigments applied outside their lip line to create the illusion of having lip liner every day, wherein they will just put on their favorite shade of lipstick. Likewise, many women opt for subtle hue of the eyeliner, and would just color it in if they want a bolder look.

This way, the permanent makeup helps enhance the natural beauty of a person. It makes them feel confident and ready to face the new day, with their brows in place and their lips ready for action.

Photo of Permanent Make UpThis cosmetic enhancement is not limited to a specific target audience. Rather, a lot of people can benefit from it, including career women, moms, and even men who want to improve their appearance with minimal downtime.

Permanent makeup is commonly embraced by the following:

  • Women – Generally, women opt to have permanent makeup to save time. Putting on makeup in the morning before work or for special occasions can be very time consuming. With this option, they can have the flawless lip tint and perfect eyebrows they want, all the time.
  • Cancer patients – Many cancer patients lose their eyebrows and eyelashes due to chemotherapy. With the use of permanent makeup, they would be able to have eyebrows and eyeliner that would frame their faces in the most flattering light. This can go a long way in terms of boosting confidence again.
  • People with unsteady hands – People with Bell’s Palsy or other conditions that cause muscle weakness and unsteady hands may find it difficult to put on makeup, particularly an eyeliner. With the help of permanent makeup, they wouldn’t be limited in their aesthetic choices as they would still be able to enjoy having good looking brows and lips without worrying if they are applying their makeup the right way.