With a change in seasons and weather, it’s time to shake up your skincare routine. That crisp fall air is refreshing but it’s also taxing on the skin due to changes in humidity and colder temperatures. Moisture is being pulled out of your skin causing dryness, flaking, and itching. Before you rush out to stock up on moisturizer, let’s talk about how to choose the best treatments and products for YOUR skin. 

Woman In Winter Clothes Holding Her FaceThe first thing to recognize is that everyone’s skin is completely unique. Skin condition is influenced by a variety of factors including age, ethnicity, diet, medications, sleep, skincare habits, stress… you get the idea. Lucky for you, we really know skin. Whether you’re a brand new client or you’ve been coming to us for years, we’re always going to analyze what’s going on with your body’s largest organ. Seasonal changes affect everyone and your routines will change throughout the year. So what do you need to know about choosing the right products for your winter regimen? 

We can’t stress enough that what you put on your skin really does matter. Don’t fall victim to the assumption that just because you’re buying the highest-end (a.k.a. most expensive) line at the beauty store, that you’re getting the best quality products. There is a big difference between medical-grade products and over-the-counter drug and beauty store brands. 

Woman Taking Care Of Her SkinThe most significant differentiator: medical grade formulas are required to use 99% pure ingredients and those sold in department stores, drug stores, etc. aren’t held to the same standards. Store brands usually contain fillers, fragrances and lots of other stuff that at best is useless and at worst, harmful to your skin and even the environment. When you purchase your skincare products through a medical professional, you can be assured they have been tested for purity and safety as they’re regulated by the FDA. Not only that, the efficacy is backed by research. In contrast, over-the-counter products can slap on enticing benefits for the purpose of marketing, but they have no requirement to back those claims with clinical studies or scientific research. 

Because medical-grade products are regulated and therefore more nutrient-dense, there’s an inherent “less is more” principle in that you’ll see greater benefits using less product. The ingredients are meant to treat the deep layers rather than sit on the top layers masking symptoms. These products actually improve the skin, fixing, plumping, and stabilizing it so it becomes more resilient, youthful and healthier.

Yay Or Nay Permanent Make-UpAnd now, the one big myth that often stands in the way of choosing the best products for your skin… the perception that it will be much more expensive. This simply is not true. The fact is, when the active ingredient concentrations are higher, you may use less product (which may take getting used to if you’ve always slathered your serums on with wild abandon) and the results will be much more apparent. So a little goes a long way and you might not have to use multiple products to achieve the result you want! More importantly, because medical-grade products really do work, you’re not throwing money away. 

We carry several excellent medical-grade lines at Advanced Image Med Spa and we’d love to help you find the right products for your skincare needs and goals. Come see us today for a consultation!