CHANCES ARE you are someone, or you know someone who is dealing with persistent pain that has lasted weeks, months, or even years. That is the nature of CHRONIC PAIN, a condition affecting more than 50 million adults in the United States. For about 19 million Americans, their cases of chronic pain have lasted more than three months and is accompanied by one or more major activity restrictions.

Common treatments for pain management have been physical therapy and the prescription of medications, including OPIOIDS. The problem develops when opioids become the go-to for LONG-TERM TREATMENT. This long-term use can lead to the obvious side effects of addiction, overdose, and breathing problems.

What you probably DIDN’T KNOW is long-term use can interfere with the production of hormones throughout the body, including in the pain receptors located in your joints. Numerous studies have demonstrated the ability of hormones to downregulate pain signaling and their impact in pain transmission, making BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY a viable and desirable alternative treatment in long-term pain management.

By righting estrogen and testosterone deficiencies in the body, BHRT can combat the deficiencies caused by long-term opioid use or can get ahead of those issues in patients with new chronic pain diagnoses by righting deficiencies that already exist.

It is important to remember that alternative therapies for pain management are gaining traction every day as patients turn away from addictive, destructive prescriptions. Pain management is as complex as the relation between hormones and pain regulation in the body. We are here to answer your questions and make sure you are receiving the care that is right for you.

Advanced Image Med Spa & Wellness Center has partnered with EvexiPEL, which offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy using bio-identical hormones derived from natural, plant-based substances. This is critical because bio-identical hormones can protect you from cancer and heart disease, unlike synthetic hormones which can actually cause those diseases. They move away from the traditional creams, patches, and pills for HRT. Instead, pellets are inserted just under the skin, allowing the hormones to be absorbed in an easy, mess-free delivery that absorbs into the body as needed. And most importantly, they create a far better and longer effective level in the body. Creams, pills, and patches have levels that can greatly fluctuate, giving you sub-par effects for a much shorter time. The pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and take about 10 minutes to insert into the fat in your butt in a pain free in-office procedure.

To learn more about hormone replacement therapy, check out our blog on what it is and who can benefit from it!

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