Hormone replacement therapy. You probably read that term and thought no way, that’s not a department I need help in. But the truth is it’s natural for testosterone levels to decrease in men as they age, all hormone replacement therapy does is bring those levels back to normal.

But ignoring potential imbalance can have big effects on your overall health, while treatment can help you get back to peak performance.

Changes due to hormone imbalance can happen over time, making them hard to spot.

Think hormones might have you down? Here are some signs you might want to check out:

  • A decline in general well-being – Men suffering hormone imbalance might feel burnt out or past their prime. They could suffer from mood swings, anxiety, and depression
  • Feeling like you can’t achieve peak physical condition – Loss of muscle strength, muscle aches, increasing joint pain and longer recovery times can indicate internal changes
  • Using up those sick days – Hormone imbalance can make it harder for the immune system to bounce back, leading to an increase in the occurrence of illness
  • Feeling like sex is a young man’s game – If you’ve noticed a decrease in morning erections, a loss in libido, or are struggling to achieve or maintain erections during arousal, hormone imbalance might be what is troubling your love life

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT can replace lost testosterone or estrogen in your system, leading to better health and improving your quality of life. Not only can optimizing hormones treat or reverse the symptoms above, but BHRT can treat and prevent various diseases and health conditions such as osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Thyroid Disfunction, Diabetes, and more.

Advanced Image Med Spa & Wellness Center has partnered with EvexiPEL, which offers bio-identical hormone replacement therapy using bio-identical hormones derived from natural, plant-based substances. This is critical because bio-identical hormones can protect you from cancer and heart disease, unlike synthetic hormones which can actually cause those diseases. They move away from the traditional creams, patches, and pills for HRT. Instead, pellets are inserted just under the skin, allowing the hormones to be absorbed in an easy, mess-free delivery that absorbs into the body as needed. And most importantly, they create a far better and longer effective level in the body, lasting 5-6 months in men. Creams, pills, and patches have levels that can greatly fluctuate, giving you sub-par effects for a much shorter time. The pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and take about 10 minutes to insert into the fat in your butt in a pain free in-office procedure.

To learn more about hormone replacement therapy, check out our blog on what it is and who can benefit from it!

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